Behind the Name

Naming our company proved to be a difficult and frustrating task at certain points. However, we believe that there’s no better name to suit our company than Vintage Showtime. Not only does Vintage Showtime represent our love for sports, but it also embodies our mission and goals perfectly!

The inspiration for Vintage Showtime comes from a period between 1978 and 1979 when both Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were drafted into the NBA. Not only are Larry Bird and Magic Johnson my favorite players of all time, but they are also a part of one of the greatest rivalries ever. Larry Bird played for the Boston Celtics while Magic Johnson played for the Los Angeles Lakers during an era that would soon become known as the “Showtime era” in LA from 1979-1991.

Throughout the 1980s, these two legends fought it out on the court. Over the course of this rivalry, Larry Bird won 3 NBA championships, which was 2 less than Magic Johnson, who won 5 NBA championships. They were constantly working hard trying to outdo the other. It is because of their hard work that they not only became two of the most talented scorers of all time, but they also became two of the greatest passers of all time.

In basketball, when you pass to the scorer you get credited an assist. Bird and Magic’s great passing abilities resulted in them becoming all-time leaders for most assists. Like these two, we aim to assist others. Through our donations of over 3,000 socks to those in need, we are constantly striving to make a difference.

Our company name, Vintage Showtime, is inspired by two vintage basketball players named Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. They were two rivals, on two different teams, with one goal in mind; to win a championship by doing whatever it took. This included dropping dimes and assisting teammates on game-winning buckets, something we strive to imitate. We strive to assist others while we work to achieve our goal of making a difference!